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Strategy and innovation consulting firm

Six Paths is a strategy and innovation consulting firm helping companies increase growth and profitability. We collaborate with our clients to build innovation capabilities, devise growth strategies, create better products and services and reinvent business models.

We believe that:

  • Any organisation could be (and should be) innovative. As any person can be creative as long as she has the right environment and stimuli, similarly, any organisation can be innovative as long as people have the skills and tools, are empowered with innovation processes and have the avenue to collaborate and communicate their propositions for effective implementation.
  • Most successful companies at innovation are those who have strong innovation capabilities.
  • Innovative cultures do not appear by accident – they are the result of conscious actions of various actors within the organisation, among which top leadership plays a pivotal role. In other words, we can say that is it strategy that shapes structure.
  • Business model innovation is the most sustainable form of innovation and the most powerful, in terms of growth and profitability. For example, the studies of Prof. Kim and Mauborgne on 150 companies over 120 years show that among the analyzed business launches, 14% were business model innovations (‘blue ocean’ strategic moves), but they generated 38% of total revenues and 61% of profits.



Typically our projects involve working collaboratively with teams of managers with the mission of creating new strategic offerings. Our engagement comes in a variety of formats, from structuring the participants thinking during workshops,  to validating the assumptions with potential customers and gathering additional insights during field work. Our final recommendations build on the analysis of the above insights and creating strategic plans, viable commercial offerings.

As facilitators we introduce creativity and innovation tools to participants and guide their thinking along the process, involving elements of both analytical and creative thinking. As challengers, we push managers outside their comfort zone and question their conventional assumptions, while bringing external learning from our experience outside their industry.

In addition, we help companies make innovation sustainable through the implementation of digital tools, such as our web-based collaborative idea management platform for corporate innovation.

Strategy and innovation consulting firm


Six Paths Consulting is a collaborative network of strategy and innovation experts, with experience across various industries and geographies. Most of our partners have a T-shape profile, meaning they have a wide range of skills in different areas and a deep expertise in a key area, such as strategy, innovation, design thinking or leadership.

The advantage for clients is increased value, quality and flexibility, as our collaborative network model enables us to choose the best skills required for the specific needs of a project.

Ioan Carpus, who is currently the Managing Partner, founded the network in 2010.  Ioan’s expertise is innovation, working with organizations to create break-through strategies for achieving sustainable profitable growth. Ioan was involved in several projects with various organisations, including AstraZeneca, Merck Sharp and Dohme, Heineken, Goodrich or Eurocontrol, more recently. Functional areas include strategy, marketing and organization. Ioan has an MBA from INSEAD – France / Singapore and a LLB from the Al. I. Cuza University – Romania. He is a Blue Ocean Strategy qualified practitioner by the BOS Initiative Centre and worked with Prof. W. Chan Kim, co-author of the BOS book.


Our work so far covers a variety of industries, including pharmaceuticals, FMCG, banking and aerospace, across Europe, South-East Asia and East Africa. Here are some of the recommendations of our clients:

Maintaining a high level of creative and innovative research in plant breeding is essential for the Dutch biotechnology company KeyGene N.V.  The two-day Creative Thinking and Innovation Workshop gave us new concepts and tools to assist management and employees in their creative and innovative thinking and also in improving our own works council daily work.

Dr. Diana Rigola, Scientist, KEYGENE N.V.


At Transelectrica we were confronted with a legacy mindset in a heavy infrastructure engineering environment. With the help of the facilitated Blue Ocean Session led by Six Paths Consulting we managed to open our eyes towards innovation and unexpected pockets of growth that we could leverage in the future. The engagement managed to drop the seeds for a long term continuous transformation process.

Andrei Benghea Malaies, CEO, Transelectrica


Continuum of innovation is key in a startup. The lean startup process is always at the verge of new products development. Fast prototyping and validation of concepts must become a religion. Hence, when in the field, it is good to get someone with an external point of view who can take one step behind before you make the big jump. This is what Six Paths is all about. Supporting growth and helping you staying the course are the main assets they will bring to you.

 Georges Caron, CEO, Keemotion

Working with Business Model Canvas


” Our engagement with Six Paths resulted in clearly defining our current positioning for each brand followed by successfully launching new products targeted at under-addressed customer groups. ”

Paul Markovits

Marketing Director, Heineken

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