Blue Ocean Strategy challenges everything you thought you knew about strategy.

Blue Ocean Strategy Training

The Blue Ocean Strategy training is centered on strategies to differentiate your products and services radically: freeing you from the ‘red ocean’ of bloody-competition into the ‘blue ocean’ of new opportunity. It presents a theory, tools, and frameworks to allow your company to break away from the competition and create a blue ocean of new market space.

What will you learn

Our Blue Ocean Strategy training programme introduces you to the BOS concept, innovation process and market creating tools, focusing both on learning and on generating actionable insights.

Through a combination of inspiring examples, theory and interactive exercises, the participants in this training will learn the Blue Ocean Strategy formulation process and tools and will be able to apply them to launch a Blue Ocean Strategy initiative. Typically the output of these initiatives involve product or service innovation, business model innovation or reinventing customer experience.

Are you actively thinking about competition, growth and profitability?

Ask yourself the following questions!

Value Innovation

How can you offer more value to your customers without increasing your cost?

Radical differentiation

How can you further differentiate your products and services to attract more customers?


Who does not do business with you and what can you do to generate new demand?

Create new markets

How can you make the competition irrelevant and create a new market space?

Blue Ocean Strategy training objectives

BOS formulation Process

Learn the Blue Ocean Strategy formulation process and how it could be applied to business model innovation, product / service innovation or redefining the customer experience

BOS tools

Understand and learn how to use the ‘BOS’ tools to drive fundamental innovation initiatives or creatively solve business challenges

Develop innovation capabilities

Strengthen your organization’s internal innovation capabilities, by providing the participants with sound innovation processes, tools and by stimulating an innovation mindset

Blue Ocean Strategy is a structured approach to breakthrough innovation

The Blue Ocean Strategy Training presents the formulation process, an opportunity-maximizing and risk-minimizing approach to creating blue oceans in a structured and replicable way.

The logic is to analyze the current situation of the company, of the industry and of the competitors to find how could the cost structure be reduced. Then it aims to explore various ways of creating new factors that raise the value offered to buyers. The process is focusing on the big picture, is visual, highly collaborative and experiential.

Innovation processes: Blue ocean Strategy Training
Blue Ocean Strategy Training

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