Creating the most powerful form of innovation

Business model innovation consulting aimes at creating the most powerful form of innovation, changing the way companies create, deliver and capture value.

Business model innovation has been proven to create the highest growth and profitability opportunities, and is also the most sustainable form of innovation (most difficult to copy by competitors).

It is often associated with disruptive innovation, but this is not always the case. There are many examples where companies created radical innovations and changed the rules of the game in their industries without disrupting – see for example Cemex, JCDecaux, M-PESA or Nespresso.

Our approach to business model innovation

Business model innovation consulting is based on a proven methodology and tools, its application in various industries and sectors generating great results so far.

Collaboration is key

Our engagement for creating successful business models is based on close collaboration with the client team, through a series of workshops and fieldwork along a Design Thinking process.

Moving from As-Is to To-Be

Our approach starts with getting full alignment on the As-Is business model and its shortcomings. Moving towards the To-Be starts with defining a compelling value proposition for the target customer groups. From here, our consultants guide the project teams to systematically explore and identify other levers for creating value for both the company and its customers. Innovation could occur at any component of the business model, from customer channels, customer relationships, pricing, revenue streams, to cost innovations. Finally, the selected business model prototype is tested before launch, through a series of experimentation techniques, to reduce risk and maximize success.

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