Business model innovation consulting

Creating your most powerful form of innovation

Business model innovation includes any case where a company changes the way it creates, delivers and captures value. However, business model innovation is widely associated with breakthrough innovation, with companies such Cemex, JCDecaux, M-PESA, Nespresso changing the rules of the game in their industries.

Our approach to business model innovation

Our approach to creating successful business models starts with defining a clear value proposition for the target customer groups. Through a combination of creativity and analytical thinking, our team explores and identifies the best delivery channels and customer relationships, then defines the revenue streams. Innovation plays an important role at each step, as we leave “no stone unturned”.

Value can be created from a different revenue model, pricing innovation, cost innovation and so on. To ensure the success of our chosen model it is important to ensure the alignment of buyer utility, price, cost and adoption.

Business model innovation consulting

Our engagement is based on collaboration with the client team, through a series of workshops and fieldwork. Our experience includes success stories of working with both large companies and SMEs or start-ups.

Business model canvas

“ It is good to get someone with an external point of view who can take one step behind before you make the big jump. This is what Six Paths is all about. Supporting growth and helping you staying the course are the main assets they will bring to you. ”

Georges Caron

CEO, Keemotion

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