Innovation programmes aimed at improving environmental, social and governance (ESG) outcomes

Whether responding to the increasing transparency around how you do business, or a desire to consider a wider set of stakeholders in how your business builds success, Six Paths Consulting can help organisations unleash innovation and take a more robust approach to systemic risks, such as Climate Change.

These programmes will assist companies taking first steps as well as companies with more structured sustainability and CSR programmes. For those taking a more formal approach, such as the path to becoming a Benefit Corporation ( BCorp), or seeking to improve responses to corporate and investor risk management initiatives such as the Taskforce for Climate-related financial disclosures (TCFD), innovation for sustainability is a powerful contributor to demonstrable results.

innovation for sustainability
Sustainability leadership training

Innovation for Sustainability

Six Paths Sustainability consulting leverages highly effective innovation approaches to help companies become more resilient to climate change, develop new, more sustainable business models and perform measurably better on key ESG metrics.

Highly collaborative process

Using workshops and field work, we develop innovation approaches that take a wider view of business challenges by integrating perspectives from our increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world. Together with your teams, we develop programmes to meet your business objectives.

Focus on environmental, social and governance (ESG) outcomes

We start by mapping your existing organisation against the complex challenges of sustainability and the desired business outcomes for the project. By using a range of innovation approaches, we help your company to identify value drivers and disproportionate factors of influence that can transform your company into a commercial leader and force for good in your industry.

Innovation for Sustainability

A leap in ESG outcomes

A leap in ESG outcomes for your company, your customer and the environment and the communities in which your business operates by using Blue Ocean Strategy.

Faster innovation processes

Faster innovation processes that ask deeper questions and develop strong propositions to test, maximizing impact on key sustainability metrics while reducing organizational risk

Leverage your communities

Leverage your communities and the wider ecosystem players to innovate together through open innovation initiatives focused on ESG

Business model innovation

Create, deliver and capture value in new ways through business model innovation to build a competitive advantage for your organisation that is centered on improving Sustainability outcomes

Contact us today to discuss how Innovation for Sustainability could be applied to your company to reach your ESG goals!

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