Engaging your your customers and suppliers into value creation

Corporate or business unit strategy have been largely created “in-house”, based on the company resources and its competitive position, paying little or no interest to external stakeholders – customers, suppliers, partners or experts.

Yet, in the recent years increasing attention has been paid to these extremely valuable resources, to understand trends and customer preferences, and to build innovative solutions that exceeds one company’s capabilities. Open innovation has been getting more and more attention from entrepreneurs, SMEs, corporations, but also governments and other public sector organisations.

Our open innovation practice

Part of our innovation management support or as stand alone missions, we help companies create open innovation ecosystems to facilitate creative and competence synergies to accelerate innovation.

Open innovation activities

The resulting activities range from as little as facilitating design sprints or hackathons involving external stakeholders, to building systems and processes for open innovation.

Idea Management Platform for open innovation

IdeaCenter, our idea management platform for corporate innovation, has an open innovation option for inviting customers, suppliers or other external stakeholders into the innovation process. To find out more about IdeaCenter, please visit our Resources area or get in touch with us to arrange a demo.

Contact us today to discuss how Open Innovation could help you generate profitable growth beyond your current  resources and capabilities!

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