Open innovation

Engaging your customers and suppliers into creating value

Corporate or business unit strategy have been largely created “in-house”, based on the company resources and its competitive position, paying little or no interest to external stakeholders – customers, suppliers, partners or experts. In the recent years more and more attention is paid to these extremely valuable resources to understand trends and customer preferences

One of the first moves that captured attention was of “connect and develop” of Procter & Gamble, which transformed its traditional in-house research and development process into an open-source innovation strategy. The idea was to “embrace the collective brain of the world” and make it a goal that 50% of the company’s new products come from outside P&G’s labs.

The term open innovation has been getting more and more attention from entrepreneurs, SMEs, corporations, but also governments and other public sector organisations.

Our open innovation practice

Our practice builds on this approach, starting from including the above mentioned external stakeholders into workshops or “fieldwork exploration” to making it as a goal, through implementing a system in place. IdeaCenter, our collaborative platform for corporate innovation, has the option of inviting customers, suppliers, partners or any other external parties to contribute to idea management from idea generation to improvement based on feedback and cross-pollination.

Engaging customers in open innovation

To find out more about IdeaCenter, please visit our Resources area or get in touch with us to arrange a demo.

Open innovation

“ The Creative Thinking and Innovation Workshop gave us new concepts and tools to assist management and employees in their creative and innovative thinking and also in improving our council daily work. ”

Dr. Diana Rigola

Scientist, KEYGENE N.V.

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