How we helped a global player in retail food services to identify new growth opportunities through innovation management


Global player in retail food services, looking towards profitable growth through innovation management.

The Client wanted to identify the digital strategy that would capture a significant growth potential for the coming 3-5 years. In addition, the client wanted to develop expertise within the company to continuously discover new ideas and innovate. 


Our team‘s approach comprised of four main phases:

1. Identifying the vision, goals and the right levers for the business to target for innovation

2. Capturing insights for the levers to identify the trends and unexplored platforms to build future disruption

3. Coaching innovation champions within the organisation on the innovation process and journey

4. Using our proprietary innovation management tools to act on the levers and identify disruptions for the future.


As part of the process, 7 idea workshops were held, 250 ideas were generated and 120+ colleagues participated through an online idea generation engine over 6 months.

The business has identified ideas with the potential to increase its topline by 30% in the next year and 300% over a 5 year period.

In addition, 8 innovation champions now form the core of spreading the innovation culture through agile improvement of customer journey, business processes and sustainability for the business.

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