Marketing transformation empowered regional teams to become more effective and innovative in successfully targeting local markets


One of the largest tyre manufacturer globally engaged in a marketing transformation project to align the organisation to their new growth strategy.

Our team was hired to work with six regional marketing teams across Europe. The objective was to empower them with the right tools and processes to successfully formulate and execute innovative approaches at regional level, in order to better respond to market-specific conditions, in line with the European HQ strategy.


Our approach involved working closely with each regional marketing team (UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Poland) to understand their current approach and activities, and to collectively acknowledge and agree on the current shortcomings.

This was followed by collaboratively designing a new strategic approach to allow them to focus on the right activities with the highest impact – measured across each step of the marketing funnel. A secondary objective was learning new processes and tools to allow them to formulate innovative initiatives.


As a result, the six marketing regions contributed to a successful increase by 15% in brand awareness and 7% in consideration, which converted in increased sales.

Also, the morale of the teams increased, as they gained more flexibility in actions, while having more strategic support, ensuring they are always aligned with the HQ strategy. This ultimately contributed to the success of the overall marketing transformation programme.

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