How we helped a 3D printing pioneer transition to a corporate structure, while keeping innovation alive


Our client, a 3D printing / additive manufacturing pioneer, hired us for a transformation programme. 

Growing into three business units, one of their main challenges became moving from an entrepreneurial structure towards a corporate one. The new structure was expected to be better adapted to the new size of the organisation and new competitive position, but keeping the innovation spirit and attitudes up.

Our team was briefed with creating and implementing a transformation programme to empower the market directors from each business unit with the processes, tools and mindset for taking the right strategic decisions and for innovating.


Our approach was based on Design Thinking for understanding the internal and external problems and for generating solutions, as well as on Kotter’s process for change management.

The work involved running internal interviews with various stakeholders, analysis, and workshops with market directors and extended teams for acknowledging the shortcomings of the existing processes and ways of working (As-Is), as well as engaging them into creating the To-Be.


As a result of full alignment of heads of unit and market directors with the new processes, tools and mindset, the company saw an increase in profitability, mainly  thanks to more strategic decisions in selecting the new target markets and potential clients.

Also, the company achieved an increase in revenues, partially thanks to internalizing new innovation processes and tools that allow them to formulate new value propositions and go-to-market plans in an opportunity-maximizing and risk-minimizing way.

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