How to motivate employees to execute seamlessly and implement change fast and at low cost

The Blue Ocean Leadership workshop provides a clear framework and tools for participants to apply Blue Ocean Leadership in their organisations to motivate employees to execute seamlessly and implement change fast and at low cost.

Blue Ocean Leadership Training inspiration


To unleash employees’ untapped talent and energy, leaders need a strong repertoire of actions, not just better awareness and empathy.

Most leadership programs are generally designed to hone the cognitive and behavioral skills of leaders with the implicit assumption that this would ultimately translate into high performance. Leaders are accordingly called on to develop traits like self-awareness, self-regulation, and empathy, for example, all of which require deep self- reflection and introspection to assimilate into a person’s being.

Blue Ocean Leadership approach confers that capacity by enabling organizational leaders look at leadership as a service that people in their organization “buy” or “don’t buy.” Every leader in that sense has customers: the bosses to whom the leader must deliver performance, and the followers who need the leader’s guidance and support to achieve what is expected of them. When people value their leader’s practices, they in effect buy into such leadership. They’re inspired to excel and act with commitment.

Training duration

1 or 2 days

who should attend

Board of Directors
Managing Directors
Director General
CEOs, COOs and CFOs
Advisors to the Board
Strategic Planning & Business Innovation Team
Senior Executive Officers involved in decision making
Supervisors and managers of departments


Workshop objectives

  • What is distinctive about blue ocean strategy as a theory?
  • How is blue ocean strategy different from a classic differentiation strategy?
  • How is Blue Ocean Leadership different from conventional leadership?
  • Can blue ocean leadership be applied to small organizations?
  • Does the blue ocean leadership process require a deep belief and buy in to be successful?
  • How do you evaluate blue ocean leadership performance?
  • How do you establish the links between a certain activity and high value?
  • What metrics and efforts are used to sustain blue ocean leadership?
  • How much energy and talent is your organizations are leaving on the table?
  • Has blue ocean leadership been tested in any organization?


 Workshop format

  • Presentation of the Blue Ocean Strategy and Blue Ocean Leadership concepts and principles, supported by case studies
  • Interactive sessions of questions and answers
  • Introduction to the BOS and BOS process and tools: the Strategy Canvas, The Buyer Utility Cycle / Buyer Utility Map, Six Paths Framework and ERRC Grid
  • Group exercises working on the BOS and BOL tools applied to issues relevant to the participants organization
  • Presentations in plenary with debrief on the process and feedback on content

Blue Ocean Leadership Workshop Agenda

The Blue Ocean Strategy Workshop offers a learning platform for participants to explore the tools and methodologies that help deliver value innovation with a systematic approach to making the competition irrelevant and creating a new market space.

  • Module 1: From Blue Ocean strategy to Blue Ocean Leadership
  • Module2: The Four pillars of Blue Ocean leadership
  • Module 3: How to see your Leadership Reality
  • Module 4: Developing Alternative Leadership Profiles and Select to-be Leadership Profiles
  • Module 5: Institutionalize new Leadership practice

Blue Ocean Strategy challenges everything you thought you knew about strategy.

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