We design and execute solutions for profitable growth

What we do

  • Solution Development
  • Action Learning
  • Innovation Training

How we do it

We help companies build new businesses by creating profitable business models, winning products / services and appealing customer experiences.

New business models

We challenge companies to create, deliver and capture value in innovative ways

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Product and service innovation

We help clients create products and services that customers love and buy

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Customer experience innovation

We increase buyer utility through amazing customer experiences

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1. Business model innovation

The most powerful form of innovation

Business model innovation is the most powerful form of innovation, both in terms of sustainability of advantage created, but also in terms of growth and profitability. The concept refers to creating different ways of enabling an organization to create, deliver and capture value.

Our approach to business model innovation

Our engagement is based on Design Thinking, working collaboratively with our clients to get a clear and common understanding of the existing business model. The main areas of the business to analyze are customers, offer, infrastructure and financial viability.

This is followed by a creative step where we investigate how additional value could be created, delivered and captured, by looking across all the building blocks of the business model and the relationships among them. These areas include value proposition, customer segments, channels, relationship, revenue streams, key resources, activities, partnerships and cost structure.

Business model innovation - BOS alignment of price, profit and cost
Product-service innovation strategy canvas

2. Product and service innovation

Creating products and services that customers love and buy

The innovation process pursuing product or service innovation typically involves an analytical step, for identifying the problems faced by users, and a creative step for generating new ideas for how these problems could be addressed and how additional value could be created.

Our goal is to go beyond improving existing products or services or creating marginally better ones. We constantly strive and push our clients to look for breakthrough innovation, products or services that create a leap in value for both the customer and for the company.

Our approach for product and service innovation

Our approach is based on Design Thinking and the Blue Ocean Strategy formulation process, which help managers working in cross-functional teams to experience themselves the customer journey. The objective is to understand the customer needs (jobs-to-be-done, gains and pains) and address them to create value.

3. Customer experience innovation

Creating value by innovating the customer experience

Customer experience innovation looks at the delivery aspects of products and services to create outstanding value of the buyer.

Often, a good product or service in itself is not enough to bring success. Companies must look beyond the product or service and understand the customer needs across the full journey.

Our approach to customer experience innovation

Our role is to help companies understand where are the “pain points” that users encounter along their experience cycle. Moreover, we push our clients to challenge their industry assumptions and strive to create additional value for buyers.

Through a combination of workshops, “visual field work”, analysis and prototyping, we help companies not only to improve their customers experience, but to create a state-of-the-art experience for them.

Buyer Utility Map / Mapping the customer journey

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The creative thinking and innovation workshop gave us new concepts and tools to assist management and employees in their creative and innovative thinking and also in improving our council daily work.

Dr. Diana Rigola

Scientist, Keygene N.V.

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Other services

Define growth strategy 

Analysing your portfolio and roadmapping your future growth initiatives

Build new businesses

Creating profitable business models, appealing products / services and customer experiences

Develop innovation capabilities

Aligning organisational structure, processes and people to support innovation