Manage change and transition in a proactive and engaging way

The change management training helps individuals, teams and organisations manage change and transitions in a proactive and engaging way.

Change management committee

change management

Training duration

Today’s business environment is changing continuously, at a faster rate. Whether we talk about new initiatives, new projects, new technologies, new regulations or new trends, the way we work is changing all the time.

However, from small process changes to large system-wide organizational change, people feel uneasy and intimidated, many times resisting to change. After all, the proverbial saying “the only persons who like change are babies” couldn’t be more relevant.

So what do you do when you have to drive change in your organisation? How do you go about it? Where do you start? How do you deal with different type of people? How do you deal yourself with going through change?

1 or 2 days

who should attend

Top management
Middle and lower management


Workshop objectives

  • Acquire concrete techniques and develop constructive behaviours to manage change and transitions in a proactive and engaging way
  • Learn about the role of leadership and leadership styles in relation to change, what change management is, drivers and barriers to change
  • Learn practical frameworks and tools for structuring change initiatives, such as the 8-Step Change Management Process and Stakeholders Communication Strategy


 Workshop format

  • Interactive sessions of questions and answers
  • Introduction to various change management concepts and frameworks
  • Case studies (including video cases) from a selection of industries
  • Interactive exercises based on change management frameworks
  • Group presentations and debrief
  • Key learning points (“how can I apply this in my organisation?”)

Change Management Training Agenda

  • Introductions and objective setting
  • Change and leadership styles
  • Managing change | The 8-step process of successful change
  • Managing change (continued)
  • Managing transition
  • Stakeholders Communication Strategy

Contact us today to discuss how our programme helps you drive change in your organisation and helps your teams manage change and transitions in a proactive and engaging way!

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