Customer experience innovation

Raising value through improving experience

Customer experience innovation looks at the delivery aspects of products and services to create outstanding value of the buyer.

Often a good product or service is not enough to bring success in itself. Companies must look beyond the product or service and understand what the customer needs (and aspires to) before and after the use of that product or service.

Few companies understood that a great customer experience is the secret ingredient to success. Apple stores, Starwood Hotels or Amazon are powerful examples of companies that set highest standards for customer experience.

Our role is to help companies understand where are the “pain points” that users encounter along their experience cycle. Moreover, we push our clients to challenge their industry assumptions and strive to create additional value for buyers. Through a combination of workshops, “visual field work”, analysis and prototyping, we help companies not only to improve their customers experience, but to create a state-of-the-art experience for them.

Buyer Utility Maps helps creating customer experience innovation

Customer experience innovation

“ Fast prototyping and validation of concepts must become a religion […] This is what Six Paths is all about. Supporting growth and helping you staying the course are the main assets they will bring to you. ”

Georges Caron

CEO, Keemotion

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