We help you assess where to innovate and how to start

What we do

  • Strategy Alignment
  • Portfolio Analysis
  • Strategic Vision & Ambition

How we do it

We help companies define their growth strategy by analysing their business portfolio and devise their roadmap of current and future growth initiatives

Analyse existing portfolio

We help leaders visualise their current business portfolio to decide where to innovate

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Define growth roadmap

We help scoping the right innovation initiative, selecting the right team and defining key success factors

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1. Analyse existing portfolio

Visualise your portfolio

Our work with clients involves an assessment of their existing portfolio of products and services (or business units, whenever the case).

The result is the visualisation of the portfolio not only as a snapshot of the present, based on past indicators such as profitability and growth potential, but also as a predictor of the future performance, based on current value and innovation delivered.

Determine where to innovate

The objective is to decide where to innovate – which offering should become your future growth engine – in order to create a healthy and balanced growth portfolio.

Pioneers Migrators Settlers map - portfolio analysis
Define growth roadmap

2. Define growth roadmap

Scoping your growth initiative

Once the decision on where to innovate has been taken, it is time to scope your growth initiative.

It is crucial to define the key success factors: the right offering to select in terms of revenues and growth potential, with the right leadership and with the optimal constraints in order to ensure maximum engagement. 

Building the right team

Working collaboratively with client teams has been proven time and time again the most effective way in terms of the quality of output and success rate of execution.

It is important therefore to select the best team for the job, in terms of representation of key business functions, heterogeneity (in terms of seniority, gender, age, personality and thinking preference), enthusiasm and influential team leader.

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Define growth strategy 

Analysing your portfolio and roadmapping your future growth initiatives

Build new businesses

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