Devise growth strategy

Managing successfully a portfolio of innovation initiatives

Defining the growth strategy is the very first step of planning to launch innovation in any company, as it defines the areas

The global market conditions are largely characterized by increased competition, saturated markets, limited growth and decreasing profitability. Growth and profitability are present on almost every CEOs agenda.

However, the quest for new sources of profitable growth is more challenging than ever, only a few companies being successful at managing a portfolio of innovation initiatives in a strategic manner. With large access to information thanks to the Internet and current trends, there are plenty of good ideas around. The challenge, however, is to select and execute the right ones and to bring them to the market in a timely fashion.

Innovation means today more than new products; it is about reinventing business processes and creating new markets that respond to unaddressed customer needs.

Our work with clients involves an assessment of their existing portfolio, be it of companies or business units, products and services or innovation initiatives. Our recommendations are built on analysis of the growth and profitability potential, coupled with benchmarking of similar companies in the same industry and best practices.
Portfolio analysis for determining growth strategy

The objective is to decide where to increase and where to reduce or eliminate investments, both in terms of money and effort.

In addition, based on our expertise, we help our clients identify new sources of growth, assist them in the process of formulating new strategic offerings and bring them to the market.

Define growth strategy

“ At Transelectrica we were confronted with a legacy mindset in a heavy infrastructure engineering environment. With the help of Six Paths Consulting we managed to open our eyes towards innovation and unexpected pockets of growth that we could leverage in the future. ”

Andrei Benghea Malaies

CEO, Transelectrica

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