Executing innovating strategies fast and at low cost

Tipping Point Leadership training provides participants with applied theory and frameworks to execute innovating strategies fast and at low cost in their organisation.

blue ocean strategy versus competitive based strategy


“… There is something in all of us that feels that true answers to problems have to be comprehensive, that there is virtue in the dogged and indiscriminate application of effort, that slow and steady should win the race. The problem, of course, is that the indiscriminate application of effort is something that is not always possible.” Malcolm Gladwell

The participants will learn from case studies and interactive exercises how to get through the organizational hurdles of bringing change in an organization fast and at lower cost.

Tipping Point Leadership is one of the Blue Ocean Strategy execution principles, next to Fair Process, both addressing the organization risk and the management risk of executing strategy.

Training duration

1 day

who should attend

Top and middle management


Workshop objectives

  • Understand the potential barriers to strategy execution
  • Anticipate the likely organizational consequences and prepare for change
  • Explore different techniques that can help to implement a strategy more quickly, even within constraints of limited budget and resources, by acting on disproportionate factors of influence


 Workshop format

  • Presentations of the Tipping Point Leadership concepts
  • Case studies (including video cases), selected based on relevance to your industry
  • Exercises for assessing current leadership styles and for planning strategy execution activities based on the Tipping Point Principles

Tipping Point Leadership Workshop Agenda

Tipping Point Leadership is the application of the Tipping Point theory to management. Tipping Point challenges some of our basic assumptions about the world, and more specifically about how we perceive events happening. Translated into business, Tipping Point Leadership is the quest for creating change in an organization efficiently, fast and with minimum resources.

  • The importance of strategy execution
  • Minimizing organizational risks by overcoming key hurdles
  • Applying Tipping Point Leadership to execute strategy fast while conserving resources
  • Exercise 1: Breaking the status quo
  • Exercise 2: Mechanisms to allocate resources
  • Exercise 3: Motivating actors toward change
  • Exercise 4: Countering political roadblocks
  • Minimizing management risks by building execution into strategy
  • Applying Fair Process to create a culture of trust and commitment

This is what Six Paths is all about. Supporting growth and helping you staying the course are the main assets they will bring to you.

Georges Caron

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