Training Creativity and Innovation Workshop

Concepts and tools for individuals, teams and organisations

The creativity and innovation workshop aims to empower the participants with pragmatic tools and techniques to enhance creative thinking and innovation in their organization to obtain superior results.

Innovation is the creation of better or more effective products, processes, technologies, or ideas (therefore is different from ideation or invention). Creativity is just one component of innovation – the other one is the analytical thinking, expressed in strategy and execution. The creative thinking skills – our ability to find new combinations and solutions that depart from the status quo – can be enhanced. And our help comes here.

Training: Creativity and innovation workshop

Course duration: 2 days
Target group: middle management

Training Objectives:

  • Enhance performance and results through innovation and creative thinking
  • Learn practical frameworks and tools that can be used by participants to help them structure successful innovation in various areas of the business
  • Explore different techniques for managing creative organisations (for example: managing stakeholders resistance and skepticism, educating teams to become more innovative etc.)
  • Contribute to the development of an environment of creativity and innovation in the organization


“Why is achieving and sustaining growth so hard? One popular answer is to blame managers for failing to generate new growth—implying that more capable and prescient people could have succeeded. The solve-the-problem-by- finding-a-better-manager approach might have credence if failures to restart growth were isolated events. Study after study, however, concludes that about 90 percent of all publicly traded companies have proved themselves unable to sustain for more than a few years a growth trajectory that creates above-average shareholder returns.”

Clayton Christensen, Winner of 2011 Thinkers50 Innovation Award

Creativity and Innovation Workshop format

The 2-day workshop will have 4 working sessions each, containing:

  • Interactive sessions of questions and answers
  • Short introduction to various creativity and innovation concepts
  • Case studies (including video cases) from a selection of industries
  • Explanation of the frameworks and tools
  • Application of tools to real and relevant issues
  • Group presentations and debrief
  • Key learning points (“how can I apply this in my organisation?”)


Our methodology includes references to external examples of companies that have been successful at one or more aspects of innovation. We introduce these cases to reinforce the learning and to facilitate discussion on a “neutral” example, before bringing the focus on your organization.

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Creativity and Innovation Workshop

“ The Creative Thinking and Innovation Workshop gave us new concepts and tools to assist management and employees in their creative and innovative thinking and also in improving our council daily work. ”

Dr. Diana Rigola

Scientist, KEYGENE N.V.

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