Blue Ocean Strategy consulting helps creating a leap in value for both your company and your customers

Blue Ocean Strategy consulting helps you build profitable high-growth by creating a leap in value for both your company (profit proposition) and your customers (value proposition).

The objective is to create and capture new demand, by targeting unaddressed groups of customers (or noncustomers) with a compelling strategic offering, thus creating a new market space – a blue ocean.

No. of companies studied
% BO initiatives of total launched
% contribution to total revenues
% contribution to total profits

Impact study on companies’ revenues and profits

Impact of creating Blue Oceans

Blue ocean strategy is one of the most powerful innovation approaches. A study of Kim and Mauborgne, co-authors of Blue Ocean Strategy, concludes that out of 108 companies analysed, 14% launched blue ocean strategic moves, which account for 38% of total revenues and a staggering 61% of total profits.

Blue Ocean Strategy formulation process 

Blue ocean strategy consulting is based on a proven methodology and tools, its application in various industries and sectors generating great results so far.

Sound innovation process and tools

While the theory was built on analyzing existing strategic moves (descriptive method) to find a pattern for success, the greatest value of Blue Ocean Strategy lies in its powerful innovation process and tools – so it is more about the how than the what.

Proven approach across all industries

There is a large number of companies that successfully applied the blue ocean strategy principles, innovation process and tools. For examples, Toyota Motor Corp. moved from being a process innovator to becoming a product innovator thanks to its Value Innovation Strategy (2005). Nintendo Wii challenged the traditional assumptions of the gaming industry and captured new groups of unaddressed customers: elderly , young children and women. Other notable examples include Samsung, LG, Agricultural Bank of China, Kimberly Clark, Citizen M Hotels and many others.

blue ocean strategy experts

Our consultants

Our consultants are qualified blue ocean strategy practitioners and have deep experience applying this approach for a large number of companies across various industries. Click here to read our success stories of helping companies experiencing limited growth, declining profitability and failing innovation initiatives.

traps to avoid

While many seem excited about the concept, when it comes to creating very different strategic offerings from what they “normally” do, they tend to step back: “this is not what our business does”. Success only occurs in those cases where these initiatives have the full support of the top leadership. In addition to this support, companies must employ creative human resources strategies to engage the managers and move the company forward.

minimizing risks

When it comes to creating breakthrough strategic moves, the risk of failing remains high. The risks could be related to business model, scaling, organizational or management. However, our approach takes these risks into consideration and minimizes them, by integrating the principles of blue ocean strategy into the formulation process.


Another finding from our experience is that it is best to start small and highly focused (so called atomization), to lower the perceived risk and to allow the managers experience the power of the tools.


Finally, the blue ocean strategy methodology is applicable to any industry and sector (including public), and to every organisation size. We have seen consistently great results when applied to mature markets facing slower growth and declining profitability.

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