Innovation case studies

See how we helped companies innovate and become innovative

Product innovation

How we applied Blue Ocean Strategy to the beer sector to target non-beer drinkers and create new demand

Food and beverages

Business model innovation

We challenged an aerospace manufacturer to become opportunity-led and create new revenue streams


Building innovation capabilities

A fintech building innovation capabilities to bring customer-led innovations to market in a timely manner

Financial services

Transformation Programme

3D printing pioneer transitionining to a corporate structure, while keeping innovation alive


Channel innovation

How channel innovation helped a heaters manufacturer increase their revenues and profitability


Innovation management

Global player in retail food services identifying new growth opportunities through innovation management

Food and beverages

Blue Ocean Leadership

Empowering civil servants to be more effective in creating and delivering value for their country

Public sector

Marketing Transformation

How we helped regional teams to become more effective and innovative in successfully targeting local markets


Service innovation

Driving growth by creating new demand for a leading car leasing company, using Blue Ocean Strategy