Our services

We help leaders design and execute new possibilities to solve their organisations’ growth challenges. More specifically, we collaborate with them to help them define their growth strategy, build new businesses and develop innovation capabilities.

Define growth strategy 

We analyse your business portfolio and devise your roadmap of current and future growth initiatives

Build new businesses

We create profitable business models, winning products / services and appealing customer experiences

Develop innovation capabilities

We transform your company by aligning your organisational structure, processes and people to support systematic innovation

Collaborative approach

From “traditional” onsite engagements to full online delivery, collaboration is key for the success of our missions!

The secret of success

Typically our projects involve working collaboratively with teams of managers with the mission of creating new strategic offerings. Our engagement comes in a variety of formats, from structuring the participants thinking during workshops, to validating the assumptions with potential customers and gathering additional insights during field work. Our final recommendations build on the analysis of the above insights and creating strategic plans, viable commercial offerings.

Facilitators and Challengers

As facilitators we introduce creativity and innovation tools to participants and guide their thinking along the process, involving elements of both analytical and creative thinking. As challengers, we push managers outside their comfort zone and question their conventional assumptions, while bringing external learning from our experience outside their industry.

physical  and online engagements

Our services come in a variety of engagement types, from training and action learning to strategy development or full transformation programmes.

Typically our delivery method has been physical, on-site, but the recent COVID-19 challenges helped us to successfully move to full online delivery of blended approach.

Blue Ocean Strategy

For our innovation projects we typically use a customised approach based on Blue Ocean Strategy and Design Thinking.