Idea management platform for corporate innovation

IdeaCenter is a corporate innovation platform that provides organizations the capability to network and orientate the intelligence and creativity of employees and external stakeholders (customers, suppliers, partners) towards a common ambition: to generate innovative ideas aligned with your strategic and innovation objectives.

Idea management platform
Idea Management Flow covered by the innovation platform

The components of the innovation platform

Solution Core

  • Collaborative idea management platform – Smart featured for stimulating innovative and collaborative behaviour

Innovation Process

  • Innovation on an everyday basis – Ideas can be suggested at any time within broad categories (customer experience, operations/ process improvement, marketing, organizational improvements etc.)
  • Innovation for company specific needs – through Campaigns & Challenges Managers define specific topics for which they want to collect ideas

Innovation Management

  • Innovation aligned with company objectives
  • IdeaCenter launch campaign & adoption
  • Rewarding system
  • KPIs support

The solution builds on the following principles:

  • Collaborative innovation
  • Strategic alignment
  • Structured innovation process
  • Open innovation
  • Rewards and recognition

To find out more about IdeaCenter, please download our brochure and get in touch with us to arrange a free demo.

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