Design thinking for innovative business problem solving

Design thinking is a systematic approach to problem solving that allows combining our right-brain creative thinking with left-brain analytical thinking.

The design thinking process is great for leading teams and cross-functional units in problem-solving initiatives and next-level growth ideation. Progress is made faster and smarter compared to traditional critical reasoning, which may actually increase the risk of innovation and cost of problem solving.

Innovating with Design Thinking

Based on applied Design Thinking principles and best innovation practices, we have developed a systematic process to create superior product and service offerings that customers love.

Highly collaborative process

Applied in this context, Design Thinking is highly effective as a process to ignite innovation and organic growth.

Breakthrough innovations often come from challenging the common wisdom, getting insights from people with different ideas, backgrounds and perspectives, experimenting to provoke unorthodox responses and associating all the above. However, strategy will fail where innovations are not focused on customer needs.

Focus on customer needs

To have commercial success, in designing a value proposition one needs to directly target customers’ most pressing and important jobs-to-be-done, pains and gains.

Our work typically starts with analyzing the external environment and customer needs and fit with the current offering. Next we move towards developing new ideas for creating value to customers, then redefining the value proposition to fit customer needs. Finally, the value proposition prototypes need to be tested for validation and fine-tuning, to ensure successful go-to-market.

 Design Thinking Process


Defining the problem


Generating deep insights


Ideation and concept development


Co-creating with customers


Prototyping new concepts


Launching to learn
Design Thinking for innovation

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