We make innovation sustainable and repeatable

What we do

  • Build, operate and transfer your Corporate Innovation Unit
  • Innovation Management
  • Transformation Programme
  • Culture, Mindsets & Behaviors

How we do it

We help companies build innovation capabilities by developing people and teams, implementing innovation processes and optimizing their organisational structure to support systematic innovation.

Develop people and teams

We help people and teams build skills and structure their work toward common objectives

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Implement innovation processes

We implement the right innovation processes to fulfill your growth ambition

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Define organizational structure

We define organisational structures that support innovation in line with the strategic objectives

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1. Develop people and teams

Skill gap analysis

Business transformations begin and end with the teams that will work together to create and implement innovative strategies and change.

Our organisational development programmes include mapping your organisation in terms of skills and motivation, analysing the gaps and identifying your high-potential talent to develop in terms of skills and motivation. 

Our training programmes

Below are some of the typical programmes proposed within project assignments, that could also be delivered as stand-alone action learning or training programmes.

Developing people skills - training

Our training programmes

Actionable framework with process and tools for formulating growth strategy

Tools and techniques to enhance creative thinking and innovation for superior results

Learn how to manage change and transitions in a proactive and engaging way

Helping leaders accelerate change fast and at low cost in their organisation

Clear framework for motivating employees to execute seamlessly and implement change

Innovation processes: Blue ocean Strategy Training

2. Implement innovation processes

What makes an organisation innovative

Innovative organisations are those who encourage all employees to innovate, welcome new ideas and new approaches, challenge the conventional ways of thinking and doing business, employ internal processes that support innovation, allocate resources to develop and implement new ideas, and reward innovative efforts.

From As-Is to To-Be

Our work with companies involves an assessment of their current innovation capabilities and recommendations on how innovation is defined internally, measured and rewarded.

Innovation processes are crucial for organisations and our role is to recommend and implement the most appropriate ones, usually part of a transformation programme.

3. Optimize organizational structure to support innovation

Strategy shapes structure

One of the biggest barriers to innovation is the lack of coordination within companies. Organisational structure plays a very important role for collaboration, some of the best practices of successful innovators including rerouting reporting lines, creating physical spaces for collaboration and teaming up diverse people across the organisational chart.

Our role is to help companies find the organisational structure that best fits their strategic objectives. We strongly believe that it’s strategy who shapes structure and not the other way around: innovative companies build innovation cultures. Our work involves analyzing your current situation, making recommendations based on the best practices and implementation.

Innovation management

After defining the ideal organisational structure to support innovation, we help you manage your innovation activities.

This typically includes creating a portfolio strategy and roadmap for your innovation activities: innovation projects, innovation lab, Corporate VC, Hackatons / innovation days, generic research, open innovation, internal training, cross-unit collaboration programs and measuring innovation success.

Aligning people structure and processes for building innovation capability

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Other services

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Build new businesses

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Develop innovation capabilities

Aligning organisational structure, processes and people to support innovation